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Sustainable Business Report

Companies represented at the session: Palmetto Design, Inc; Allied Waste; Mobile Gas; Partners in Environmental Progress; Re/Max Partners; Grounded Development; Hargrove Engineers & Construction; Office Equipment Company; Equity Technologies/Equit-E-Cycle; World Omni; Plauche Johnson Landscape Architects.

All participants were asked to introduce themselves and say what their interest is in participating. Some of the comments were: recycling and keeping large amounts of electronics out of the landfills; recycling waste through a synergy process; creating Green Teams; negatives about plastic bottles; learning from others about what is possible; single stream recycling. Then they were asked to rate the impact of the oil spill on our future sustainability. The rating was from 1-10, with 10 being the highest impact. The participants rated the impact between 6-10. The oil spill was the result of a business decision made without consideration for the impacts on the environment and the social consequences. Making the commitment to implement sustainable business practices is what this group is about.

Gerri Kennedy-Holland, OEC, made a wonderful presentation about the green products they sell and she handed out a catalog and a corn-based ink pen to everyone. She showed a Steelcase chair which is 99% recyclable. Then Gerri talked about the management process they are implementing at OEC: Recycling bins around the office, Cardboard and box dumpster, reducing the distribution trips to 4 days a week, Invoicing by email instead of printing and mailing, no Styrofoam cups. After her presentation there was a discussion about what other things she can do: Think about a 4 day 10hour work week, use no plastic water bottles.

Then the group was asked to specify which new business practice they are willing to implement. By writing it down, it will give strength and purpose to the practice but it will also allow the partners in the group to encourage and support them. Listed below are the practices and the companies implementing:

1. Plauche Johnson Landscape Architects ... Discontinue use of Styrofoam Cups immediately;
2. World Omni ... Promote additional Recycling Practices;
3. Equity Technologies/Equit-E-Cycle ... Recycle Plastics and attain R_Z Certification in 2010;
4. OEC ... Stop Junk Mail within 2 weeks;
5. Hargrove Engineers & Construction ... Recycle old Buildings immediately;
6. Palmetto Design, Inc ... Use Recycled Printer Paper, Reuse Toner/ink cartridges, Use office recycle bins within 2 months;
7. Grounded Development ... Hold webinars and video conferencing to reduce mile traveled in 2010;
8. ReMax Partners ... Install light sensors within 2 months;
9. Partners for Environmental Progress (PEP) ... Order only green recycled office products; ask for email billing from suppliers all immediately;
10. Mobile Gas ... Create a Green Gang; More effective recycling within 6 months;
11. Allied Waste ... Recycle Paper within 30 days; and
12. Palmetto Design ... Turn off computers at night; look into water reclamation system within 4 months

Last Smart Walk for the School Year
The school year ends with the "Dog Days" of Summer Walk to school. Everyone has a great time and all the dogs were good. Plans are being made for next years Walks to School. Other schools in the region will soon implement Smart Walks.

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